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A Year in the Life: Ambient Math Wins the Race to the Top!

May 14th, 2014 · No Comments · Homeschool Math Curriculum

Day 128

For one year, 365 days, this blog will address the Common Core Standards from the perspective of creating an alternate, ambient learning environment for math.  Ambient is defined as “existing or present on all sides, an all-encompassing atmosphere.”  And ambient music is defined as: “Quiet and relaxing with melodies that repeat many times.

Why ambient?  A math teaching style that’s whole and all encompassing, with themes that repeat many times through the years, is most likely to be effective and successful.  Today’s post will feature an excellent article on the nature of Waldorf education and how it nourishes the heart of childhood.

Pictures Which Nourish the Soul, Why Waldorf Teachers Tell Parables
By Bernd Kettel, May 2014

Between the change of teeth and puberty, children imitate the pictures of the world which the teacher describes to them with the awakening powers of their imagination. If these pictures are spiritually vivid, they support the healthy development of their faculties.

Here’s the link to the article:


Knowledge ensues in an environment dedicated to imaginative, creative knowing, where student and teacher alike surrender to the ensuing of knowledge as a worthy goal.  Tune in tomorrow for more Common Core, along with its ambient, Waldorf/Math By Hand counterpart.

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